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Success Stories
Those who’ve chosen to become clients demonstrate our track record...




An East-Coast entrepreneur trusted that his buy-sell agreement would
allow him to continue running his business after he bought out his significantly older partners. But his comfort turned to doubt when we questioned whether
his company would survive if he passed away before his partners – a possibility neither he nor his other advisors had considered. The plan we created helped him regain his confidence by protecting both his family and the longevity of
his business.

A young CEO of a fast-paced, closely held company felt fortunate in his success. Still, he was hesitant to make consequential planning decisions at such an early age. We collaborated with his advisors, taking time to answer his questions, respect his goals, and work through his apprehensions. Our final strategy and products launched a program that ensured his assets would transfer to his children – and eventually his grandchildren – but still provided him the reassuring flexibility to adapt to changes in his business and family circumstances.

A retired Fortune 100 executive was concerned about the duration of the planning he already had in place. Would it be there to provide for his wife when she needed it? Although he was relatively risk-averse, he was willing to explore the possibilities, open to our creative ideas and responded decisively. Our collaborative process culminated in a strategy and product that satisfied his standards for security and continuity.

A hard-charging Midwestern executive had steadily grown his wealth over several decades. Despite his stature within a nationwide company, he maintained long-term relationships with his home-town advisors. While protective and well-intentioned, these advisors lacked experience with the sophisticated strategies and products appropriate to the executive’s complex circumstances. By collaborating with our client and his advisors we achieved a result that protected his business interests and enhanced the assets to be transferred to his children and grandchildren.

A family of adult children wanted to protect their legacy – their 80-year-old mother’s shares in a nationally known, closely held company. Since the illiquid stock comprised the majority of her estate, they knew that at her passing, a significant portion would be sacrificed at below-market value to pay estate tax, putting their company ownership at risk. We assisted the family and their advisors in building a program that would produce the required liquidity when they needed it.